SLHSJ Feed Mixer

  • Model: SLHSJ0.2

  • Power: 2.2kw

  • Volume: 0.2m3

  • Kg/p 100

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  • SLHSJ Feed Mixer
  • Feed Mixer Machine
  • Feed Mixer Machine
  • Feed Mixer Machine
  • Feed Mixer Machine
■ Description

SLHSJ Feed Mixer

SLHSJ Feed Mixer 40-120 sec/batch,mixed in gravity-free state,variety of liquids can be added.Two open doors structure,discharge rapidly.Conveyed by three chains,run in low speed,stable operation movement.The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensure that the angle of openning door is larger than 90°(the materials can't fall on the door),close door which is deadlocked.It can be used for premix,poultry feed,aquatic feed,additives,chemical and medicine industries,etc.

 feed mixer


■ Features

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SLHSJ Feed Mixer

Short mixing time

High evenness degress

No segregation

No leakage

Less residue


strongwin feed mixing machine

■ Parameters

SLHSJ Feed Mixer

Power(kw) 5.5 11 18.5 30/37
Capacity (Kg/p) 250 500 1000 2000
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