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Chicken Feed Machinery
Chicken Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant
Pellet Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Machinery
Chicken Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant
Pellet Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Machinery
Chicken Feed Production Line
Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant
Pellet Feed Production Line

SZLH400 Pellet Feed Production Line 3-8t/h

Chicken Feed Production Line
Fully automatic and semi-automatic
For producing poultry feed pellet, such as chicken,duck,bird,etc.
Pellet forming rate
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3-8t/h Chicken Feed Pellet Plant
Nowadays, intensive management of chicken feeding industries can save costs and realize maximum benefits. How to produce high-quality feed and how to make animals digest the feed efficiently are what chicken farmers concern about all the time. A complete chicken feed pellet plant has been developed by Strongwin to provide chickens with a hygienic, nutritionally balanced, and easily digestible diet.
Compared with feed mash or traditional fodder, chicken feed pellets are clearer, healthier, and more convenient to transport. Feed pellets can provide condensed nutrition for livestock. Due to these advantages, feed pellet milling is getting more and more popular in recent years. Strongwin Feed Manufacturing Machinery can make durable chicken feed pellets with a lustrous surface for you.
low noise
High Yield
Low consumption
Mature Technology
Details of the Complete Animal Feed Pellet Line
1.Raw materials for chicken feed pelletizing processing
Materials for feed can be soybeans, soybean meal, alfalfa, corn, fish meal, amino acid, fuel meal, additives, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, corn, sweet sorghum, etc.
2.Hammer Crusher & Mixer:
Adopts regrinding crushing technology, widens the screen in 360° the materials can be crushed on average. The coefficient of variation is less than 5%, the mixing time is 5 minutes, then the materials can be discharged from one side. There is no dead corner when mixing, and this machine is easy to maintain..
3. Feed Pelletizing Process: Ring Die Chicken Feed Pellet Mill
The chicken feed pellet mill is the main equipment of the whole feed production line. Compared with a flat die feed pellet mill, a ring die chicken feed pelletizer is more efficient and suitable for high-quality chicken feed pellets production in large farms or feed pellets factories. Built-in steam collection conditioner can mix and cook materials fully and uniformly to meet special needs and ensure the high quality of final chicken feed pellets.
4. Feed Pellet Cooling Process: Chicks Feed Pellets Cooler
After this process, you can get finished chicken feed pellets with rich nutrition, good palatability, and high digestibility. Chicken feed pellets cooler and packing machine are available for your choice to get top feed pellets making experience. Moreover, to cater to the special requirements of our clients, we can also customize different capacity poultry feed pellets production lines.
5. Feed Pellet Crushing Process: Chicks Feed Pellets Crumbler
Different poultry, livestock, or aquatic feed pellets are of different sizes. Some big ones should be crushed into small ones. Roll-type feed pellet crumbler is just the equipment for feed pellet crushing. Double-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable for crushing poultry feed, such as chicken feed, duck feed, goose feed, etc. Three-roll feed pellet crumbler is suitable to crush aquatic feed including fish feed and shrimp feed etc.
The machine can make pellets for poultry, chicken, duck, bird, and so on.

makes 2-8 mm diameter animal feed pellets. Such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets.2-5mm rabbit feed pellets, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets. The last pellet length can be adjusted.
After installation and adjustment, we will train our customers to work how to operate;
Training worker how to maintain and protect
According to features, we will make complete maintenance rules for you, containing how to maintain, when to maintain, and who maintains)
Our company after-sale department will call you at regular intervals, ask if maintain and give advice.
Feed Pellet Mill Firm Structure SZLH400 feed pellet machinery

Machine model: America CPM
Electric motor: Germany SIEMENS
Pellet machine bearing: Switzerland SKF
Full stainless steel conditioner, ensure the high quality of pellet feed.
We can customize double or three-layer conditioners for clients.

Super quality of Henan Strongwin Feed Pellet Mill

Material thickness of main equipment is more than feed machinery standard 2mm;
The weight is heavier than feed machinery by 20%.
Output higher 20%;
The feed rate of return increases by 3-5%.
Technical Parameters of Main Equipment for 3-8 TPH Chicken Feed Production plant
Item Name Model Power (KW)
Part 1. Raw material receiving& crushing system
1-110 Impeller speed regulating Feeder SWLY60 1.10
1-111 Crusher SFSP66*60 55.0
1-116 Wind-shielding Screw conveyor TLSB20 2.20
Part 2. Mixing System
2-203 Powder Screener SCQZ60 5.5
2-207 Feeder for additive    
2-208 Mixer SLHS1.0 11
2-210 Scraper Conveyor TGSU20 3
Part 3. pelleting system
3-308 Pellet Mill SZLH400 77.95
3-310 Cooler SKLN3 1.50
3-311 Crumbler SSLG15*150 11.0
Part 4. Packing system
4-401 Bucket elevator TDTG36/18 3.00
4-402 Rotary Screener SFJH80*2d 2.20
4-409 Auto Packing Scale 10-50KG 1.50
4-410 Stitch conveyor   1.50
Part 5. Auxiliary Equipment System
5-506 Steam Supplying System    
5-507 Oil adding System   2.2
5-508 Oil Adding Tube    
5-509 Calabash Crane   3.0
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