1-2t/h Feed Pellet Production Line (Including Crumbler)

  • Type: feed pellet production line

  • Capacity 1-2t/h

  • Opetation type Automatic

  • Warranty: 1 year

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■ Description

 1-2t/h Feed Pellet Production Plant Introduction


Animal feed machine line is suitable for livelock,poultry and aquatic product farms to produce feed, the raw materials can be wheat,corn,maize,bean ,rice husk and so on.

Process Introduction


 Crushing process – Hammer mill


In the feed processing process there may be a number of ingredients that require some form of processing. These feed ingredients include coarse cereal grains, corn which require particle size reduction that will improve the performance of the ingredient and increase the nutritive value.Strongwin hammer mill is able to produce a wide range of particle sizes, it work with any friable material and fibre and very easy to use. It is used for grinding raw materials by large and medium livestock and aqua feed mills .


Mixing process – Feed Mixer


Efficient mixing is the key to good feed production. The feed will not be the balanced formulation, so it should be well mixed before pelletizing process.Strongwin horizontal feed mixer is a mechanical means of achieving this. It consists of a series of paddles or metal ribbon blades mounted on a horizontal rotor within a semi-circular trough.The blades move the material from one end of the mixer to the other, tumbling it as it goes. It can mix wet ingredients or mixtures of wet and dry materials, as well as mixing dry ingredients.

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Pelletizing process – Feed Pellet mill


Pelletizing is a key process to the production of high quality animal feeds as it ensures that the feed formulation is in the correct quantities for all that eat them. It should be mentioned that impurities in the raw materials like metal, may damage the die and rollers of wood pellet making machine, so we equipped demagnetizer to remove the impurities. Each bite of a pellet made by our pellet mill will have the same designed formulation ensuring all the stock are feed as intended.


Cooling and screening process


Cooling and screening process The PeFeatures of Feed Pellet Production Linellets from pellet mill may exit at up to 88°C and 17-18% moisture. The temperature of pellets must be quickly reduced to make the moisture level to 10-12% or less for proper storage and handling. Pellets must therefore be cooled and dried. Our cooler Adopt counter-flow cooling principle, pellet cooled fully and equally. The temperature of the pellets after cooling is not higher than room temperature +3-5 degree.


poultry feed production machine


■ Features


 Features of Feed Pellet Production Line


animal feeds from pellet production line1.Widely applied product with mature technology.
2.The main driving adopts high-precision gear drive, so that the output is improved by about 20% when compared with that of belt drive.
3.Imported high-quality bearing and oil seal are adopted to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise whole machine operation. The granulating room is equipped with air suction temperature-reducing system.
4.The feeder adopts variable-frequency and variable-speed motor to ensure the quality of discharged particles.
5.Ring dies with multiple kinds of bore diameters are optional, and high-quality craft ring dies are adopted, so that the service life is long, the discharged particles are smooth and the quality is high.
6.International advanced compensation type snakelike spring coupling has the properties of novel and compact structure, high safety, low noise and low fault rate.
7.Plus-size conditioner and jacket type conditioner are selectable to strength the particle conditioning effect.

■ Parameters
Yield 1-2t/h
Pellet machine SZLH250
Hammer mill SFSP20
Mixer SHW1.0
Cooler SKLN11*11
Rotary screener SFJH80*2d
Crumbler SSLG22*40
Cooling Fan 4-72No4A
Cooling discharger XL60
Boiler LSG-0.3-0.4
Lifting equipment TDTG26*18
Outline dimension(L*W*H) 9*3.5*11m
Total Price


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Now visit our 1-2t/h feed pellet production line (withour crumble) and 3-5t/h feed pellet production line, of course,you can customize the feed pellet plant that you need (1-30t/h), so inquire us more detail and tell us what you need, take action now.


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