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Animal Feed Processing
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Animal Feed Processing
Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant
Animal Feed Pellet Machine
Animal Feed Equipment
Animal Feed Processing
Animal Feed Manufacturing Plant
Animal Feed Pellet Machine
Animal Feed Equipment

10t/h Animal Feed Production Line

Animal Feed Production Line
For producing animal feed, such as chicken bird rabbit etc.
304 stainless steel plates
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Introduction of animal feed production line
The animal feed production line can make pellets from many kinds of crops, such as corn, wheat, oil cake, and oil, it is usually used for medium and large feed factories.
Low Consumption
Mature Technology
Easy Maintenance
Related Equipments for Animal Feed Pellet Line
Curshing Machine-The hammer mill is an important piece of equipment for the raw material grinding process. The hammer mill can grind the raw materials ingredients into the required size. It is suitable for small or medium-sized feedstuff pellet mill plants. While if you manage a large-scale feedstuff pelletizing factory, the water drop hammer mill is an ideal choice.
Mixing Machine-Mixing is one of the necessary processing in animal feed pellet lines. Proper mixing will lead to increase diet uniformity and improve the feedstuff quality. We will provide two kinds of high-efficiency feed mixers: twin shaft mixers for particle materials and screw belt mixers for powdered materials. Both of them are equipped with atomizing spraying systems to add needed liquids which can improve feed pellets quality.
Pelletizing Machine-Feed pelletizing machine is the key feed equipment for the animal feed pellet line. The feed pelletizing machine is the ring die design which is broadly used for large-capacity feed pellets production. If you have another question about feed pellets production requirements like capacity or scale, please send an e-mail to us for more support and guidance.
Cooler-Getting out of the feed pelletizing machine, the feed pellets with high temperature and large moist need cooling by counterflow cooler. These feed pellets can be crushed, screened, or packed. Through the cooler, the feed pellets have decreased the temperature and moisture for the next processing.
Crumbler-Because different animals such as poultry, cattle, and pig feed pellets are of different sizes. Some big feed pellets should be crushed into small particles. The feed pellet crumbler is the right equipment for the feed pellet crushing.
Rotary grading sieve is used to screen and grade the feed pellets. After this processing, you can get qualified feedstuff pellets without powder
Packing-In order to pack for storing, transporting, and selling, an automatic packing machine can weigh and pack the feedstuff pellets automatically with high accuracy.

makes 2-8 mm diameter animal feed pellets. Such as 2-4mm diameter chick feed pellets and pig feed pellets.2-5mm rabbit feed pellets, 4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets. The last pellet length can be adjusted.
After installation and adjustment, we will train our customers to work how to operate;
Training workers on how to maintain and protect.
According to features, we will make complete maintenance rules for you, containing how to maintain, when to maintain, and who maintain
Our company after-sale department will call you at regular intervals, ask if maintain and give advice.
Why to Choose Strongwin Animal Feed Production Line?

Animal feed pellet mill make feeds for poultry, cattle, chicken, duck, pig, livestock, and other animal.
Feed pellet mill with ring die, it makes pellets for 2-10mm diameter, the pellet size is changeable with the Strongwin feed pellet machine by adjusting die.
Stable operation, high efficiency, high productivity 7 t/hour
The raw materials can be many kinds of grains, a certain percentage of grass & hay, straw, and other trace elements for the animals.
Whole feed processing line is automatic control

Super quality of Henan Strongwin Feed Pellet Mill

Material thickness of main equipment is more than feed machinery standard 2mm;
The weight is heavier than feed machinery by 20%.
Output higher 20%;
The feed rate of return increases by 3-5%.
Technical Parameters of 10 T/H Automatic Feed Pellet Production Line
No. Product name Model Power(kw)
1. material receiving section
102 pulse dust collector TBLFa.18  
105 granule material clean sieve SCY80 0.75
2. material grinding section
206 Impeller feeder SYLW3 1.50
207 series tear-circle hammer mill SDH-ZW50C 132
3. batching and mixing section
313 double shaft high efficient mixer SSHJ.2 18.50
316 powder material clean sieve SCQZ75×65×1 40 7.5
317 permanent magnetic drum TXCT30  
4. pelleting section
408 Pellet machine SZLH420 110.00
410 counter-current cooler SKLN6 1.50
410-1 crusher SSLG20×170 15.00
415 classic sieve SFJH125 3.00
5. packing section
501 Finished product bin    
506 automatic packing scale SDBY-P  
507 seal conveyor machine TFKB40 3.00
6.auxiliary system
603 liquid adding machine SYTV32 3.00
606 boiler system    
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