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The advantages of Strongwin pellet machine
The advantages of Strongwin pellet machine:
 1.Transmission part adopts high precision gear transmission,transmission efficiency higher 20-25% than belt;
2.Machine transmission parts (including motor) uses the highest quality bearing, ensure the efficient transmission, stability, low noise;
3.All stainless steel with large intensive feeding modulator,at the same time adopt frequency control of motor speed control,to ensure that the pellet feed of high quality;
4.The international advanced level of supplementary snake-like spring coupling,has the advantages of novel structure, compact, safe, low noise, low malfunction;
5.High performance permanent magnetic iron absorption device;
6.Optional international advanced pipeline system and the import pressure regulating valve;
7.Customizable double, three layers of modulator feed pellet machine,production of high quality aquatic feed of livestock and poultry.