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When pellet machine working how to do with too much starch
 1.Cut off the uneven
According to the production and request to adjust mould opening area;

2.High fat content
Adjustment of formula,cut the fat content;

3.Starch content less
Adjustment of formula,add starch content;

4.Die compression ratio is too low
Add the ring die compression ratio;

5.Too much material straight crack
As far as possible cut material crack;

6.Tempering temperature is too low
Progress of tempering temperature;

7.Aging not enough
Add material aging degree;

8.Tempering moisture is low
Add tempering moisture;

9.The fineness of raw material destruction coarser
Progressive destruction of fineness;

10.Die reaming is larger
Adjustment of slicer,the sharp blade,try to adjust to close to die,to prevent the touch broken;

11.Tempering time too short
Extension conditioning moment to 50 seconds;