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Feed machinery, the main structure and component
The main structure and components of feed machinery are as follows:

a Feeder
Feeder consist of speed regulating motor,reducer,twisted dragon cylinder and twisted dragon axis.
Speed regulating motor is made up of three phase ac asynchronous motor,eddy current clutch and a tachogenerator,it is used with JZT controller,through JDIA type electromagnetic speed regulating motor controller can change the output speed.

b Reducer
Feeding speed reducer adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer,the reduction ratio of 1.10,to slow down and speed regulating motor straight league,make effective speed control feeding ground dragon between 12 ~ 120 r/min.

c Feeding the dragon
Feeding ground by twisted dragon drum,twisted dragons axis and arrange ushering bearing,etc.Ground dragon feeding effect, speed adjustable,the feeding amount is variable,in order to achieve the rated current and output.Wring from ground dragon dragon shaft cylinder right end,for cleaning and maintenance.