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When you are making pellet,how to ensure pellet quality?

 When you are making pellet,how to ensure pellet quality?

Feed pellet quality are related to production property.Many people wants to know,how to ensure pellet quality and how to use the feed pellet mill correctly.When delivery,we will send introduction and maintenance brochures to clients along with the machine or by email.


Here,we list some important factors for your reference:


1.For feed pellet mill,its spare parts are ring die and roller,we advice you inspect their wear pattern regularly.It's will affect the production capacity,undue wear will decrease the pellet machine effection,and will influence the pellet quality.

2.In the production line,before making pellets,there are another main equipments,crusher,you should check the crusher roller also.Once crusher effeciency reduced,will influence all the production line,not only one single machine.

3.Every pellet machine with one cutter at the discharging hole,it's usage is to cut the pellets into decided length,if this part wear,will increase the feed pellet powder content.

4.Check the steam separator.

5.For pellet cooler,check whether there is material backlog and screen surface damage.

6.Check the screening machine surface.It will influence the pellet grade.


Many factors will influence the pellet quality.So,know more about the equipments and what you should pay more attention to in our daily life is very important for us,if you do well on all these factors,your equipments lifetime will be increased,it will reduce your maintenance cost,save a lot of money for you.Sincerely hope our advice can help you make high quality pellets.