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Fish feed sinking or floating,which one is better?

Fish feed sinking or floating,which one is better?

Fish feed including floating and sinking these two kinds.Flaoting feed,also called extruded feed,it can floating on the water.While sinking feed,produced by pressure-pelleted,it always sinking at the bottom of the tank.These are the characteristics of two types fish feed.


Both floating and sinking feed can lead satisfactory growth.I think,both of them are good,fisherman should choosing suitable fish feed according to fish species.Some fish prefer to eat feed floating on the water,others preser sinking.But,which one is better?As said just now,our engineer made an statement that,neither floating or sinking fish feed pellets which one is better depends on your fish species.


But,comparing these two types feed,floating type have more advantages that sinking one.

1.reduce waste

Floating fish feed can retain its shape,it can stay in water for a long time,while sinking type,remain at the bottom of the tank,there will be many waste here,when fish wants to eat,it may can not find feed,it will get lost and waste.

2.Devrease disease

Because there are many waste at the bottom of the tank,for sinking feed,it may cause many disease at such circumistance,this is harmful for fish.

3.easy to be found

For fisherman,they need to observe feeding intensity and adjust feeding rates accordingly,sinking feed,at the bottom,can not be seen directly,while,for floating feed,its more directviewing.



There are some advantages of floating fish feed pellets,also the reason why floating fish feed are so popular nowadays.