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How to Adjust the feed formula of small feed pellet mill
 Small feed pellet mill is one of our best selling products. Our technical staff provide customers with comprehensive technical support.

Adjust the feed formula of small feed pellet mill, and increase the content of calcium in diets. Under normal circumstances, calcium diets general for 3.2%-3.5%. Under the condition of high temperature, the amount of calcium can be increased by 4%. In order to improve the quality of dietary calcium, with shell powder and powder, with less limestone.
The results showed that the quality of eggshell was best when the shell was 2/3 and limestone was 1/3. Add a variety of vitamins, and pay attention to the proportion of each other. When the vitamin D3 in feed is 12% ~ 10% of the vitamin A, the egg shell quality is best. In the high temperature season, a variety of vitamins are easy to fail, so the amount should be added in accordance with the instructions marked dose 2-3 times, and pay attention to add antioxidants.

animal feed pellets
Add some calcium to the hen alone. Let freedom hens to eat calcium, can adjust the amount of calcium to eat. In eggshell formation during the feeding amount of calcium is 92% of normal, and in the non formed during the eggshell, calcium feeding amount only 68%, so the best in every 12-20 when hens to supplement calcium feeding. In addition to the light weight, eat material and less hens should feed more calcium.
The size of different animals using small feed pellets size is not the same, the use of 2.5-4mm chicken, then the pellets can be, and sheep, then the general use of 3-5mm pellets.