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Small feed pellet machine simple and practical
In China there are 600 million tons of annual output of crop straw, I believe that the world's annual output of crop stalks It is also very much, but in the past we did not realize how big a fortune, are simple and rough the incineration, resulting in a huge waste of energy. Some developed countries have been using the method of straw livestock early in the eighties and nineties, the use of feed pellet machine will crop straw, grass made ​​into pellets. These high feed efficiency, easy storage and transportation, which greatly promoted the development of animal husbandry and aquaculture. 
Of course, we now realize the importance of resource recycling is not too late, in some places in China, the government and the people have a consensus has formed straw farming boom, as widely County, Hebei Province, price protection straw particles 350 yuan / tons, mass use of straw biodegradation pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, or directly briquetting cows, sheep, not only reduces the cost of farming, but also improves the income of the farmers, so that previously discarded stalks but also the value of money, but also effectively protect the environment. In addition processing equipment such as feed pellet machine has formed a scale, along Strongwin ike Henan Machinery Plant, itself a small feed pellet machine price is not high, it is suitable for small farm investments. Farmers rely on their own farm straw turning waste into treasure adds valuable extra income, is described as a small pellet mill achievements of rich peasants dream ah!