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Maturation feed pellet machine features
Maturation feed pellet machine features: 
1, after the model processing, moderate temperature, the material can be well maintained various trace elements, palatability, animal feed large conducive to digestion and absorption of various nutrients. 
2 granular composition uniformity, neat appearance, smooth surface, the diameter change between the 1.5-6mm (need to replace the mold), the length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, and the particle density, ease of storage and transport, each adapted to target species breeding in different growth needs. 
3. Processed fish feed can keep a long time in the water, improve feed utilization. Help prevent water pollution. 
4 The model is very wide adaptability of materials, process various full price of feed different requirements. 
5 The models can be powdered feed processing low moisture content, the higher the moisture content also can be processed fresh feed.