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The purpose of roughage processing and modulation
Roughage as the main basis of ruminant feed, occupies a considerable proportion in the diet, the quality of high and low for ruminant production performance plays a very important role. And nutritional value and utilization of roughage were due to its source and there are large difference between different species, for the high quality roughage, such as high-quality grass and legume hay, often have high nutritional value and utilization, do not make any processing and processing modulation, directly fed to animals can also obtain good feeding effect. For of roughage, on the other hand, the vast majority of low-quality roughage, such as straw, abortive shell, pod shell, bamboo, etc., due to its palatability, digestibility and nutrient balance is poorer, nutritional value is low, therefore, if not for processing and processing modulated directly fed to animals, is often difficult to achieve proper feeding effect, and reduce its effective utilization.Visible, in order to ensure effective utilization of inferior quality and roughage, scientific and reasonable pretreatment and the processing of modulation technology application, it is very important. To be specific, the purpose of roughage processing modulation is mainly manifested in the following respects.

1. Improve the digestibility of inferior quality and roughage and nutritional value

2. Improve the palatability of inferior quality and roughage, increase feed intake

3. Improve the low-quality roughage nutritional balance, improve the effect of feeding

4. Increase the density of roughage and bulk density, reduced volume, so as to packaging, transport and storage of roughage.

5. Reducing waste of feed loss in the process of feeding, feeding management of mechanization.

6. Improve the utilization efficiency of inferior quality and roughage, be helpful for the industrialization development of low-quality roughage resources and effective use.