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Sources and prevention analysis straw pellet machine running dust
Sources and prevention analysis straw pellet machine running dust 

1, straw pellet mill dust occurs during operation, it may be caused by running too much material, so that the material was too late to be processed, while in this state may also occur dust damage to equipment, so be sure to control the running speed of the material. 
2, another cause of straw pellet machines appear dust, may be the result of aging equipment host system. Slow operating speed, making the frequency of the particles appear different, so some powder too late to be processed was discharged out. In view of this situation, or to replace the new host system to resolve conflicts. 
3, there is the runner granulation system straw pellet machine there is a problem, so the material is often glycerol various impurities, it is easy to damage the wheel devices, final result is a powder discharge device directly. So it is best to check the relevant parts apart, timely repair the fault location.