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High summer temperature of feed processing unit to produce feed control
Summer production of feed temperature control for feed processing unit in high temperature in summer, high temperature, plus workshop equipment cooling, resulting in pellets consistently high temperatures.Once during rainy weather, high temperatures and high humidity will inevitably lead to caking of feed and even mildew.Not only for the economic losses caused by feed mills, but also for farmers pose a security risk.Pay attention to several points:

First, ensure the cooler properly.Cooler to work properly, to reduce melt temperature plays a vital role.Increasing the rotation speed of the fan to be able to feed rapid cooling, smoke outlet must also be cleaned regularly in order to ensure the stability of ventilation.

Secondly, extend the cooling time.Adjust the height of the cooler level indicator, extend the cooling time of feed in order to better reduce the material temperature.

Third, due to lower pellet velocity.Granulating too fast, resulting in cooler feed left inside for a short time, cooling is not sufficient, due to lower feedstock and pellet velocity, so as to ensure sufficient cooling of the feed.

Finally, Packer should be monitored in a timely manner.In addition to the above several points, packaged before monitoring is also crucial.Packer periodically to monitor the temperature, once the temperature is too high, should immediately stop packaging, notification control and maintenance to adjust.