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Matters feed unit installation note
 Note matters feed unit installed, and now the feed unit appeared energy efficient series, no doubt such a unit in the nutritional value of feed and feed savings funds, there will be relatively large advantage. So when installing such a feed unit must pay attention to these issues below.

First, the feed unit in the installation process, you must not neglect this aspect of the base location, because the positioning is correct or not, the effect would be related to the work of feed units, if the positioning problems, when the crew will use either sound vibration phenomenon, or will sound string action phenomenon, so when in use, not only will affect the results of the processing of the feed, but also reduce the life of the unit.

Second, the method of locating the base of the feed unit, there must be a professional person to complete the installation, because this process can be said to contain a relatively high technical content, the phenomenon of the event location are not allowed, there will be more than we talk about these undesirable phenomenon.