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Why preferred ring die pellet machine?
 Ring die feed pellet machine dedicated to doing fine feed particles, high output, stable performance, easy operation, and the machine itself can bring conditioner, so that the material can pass steam to achieve a certain degree of ripening, particle diameters are available upon request to replace the mold .

Ring die feed pellet mill as feed particle machine has one other advantage can not go beyond that ring mold feed particle machine can be installed modulator, modulator and the benefits are many, and now with me as we announced one by one:

1 so that the material aging, beneficial animals to digest;

2 softening materials, mold wear, improve die life;

3 high temperature materials are fully cooked, and add a reasonable moisture, easy extrusion, improve equipment productivity;

4 material through high-temperature sterilization, animals do not get sick;

5 modulator choice: HKJ300 model down menu modulator; HKJ350 up model selected dual modulator;

6. Frequency feeder evenly feed.

Do feed, concentrate feed especially preferred ring die feed particle machine.