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Improve protective measures Beef smooth over winter
 Cold, beef cattle nutrition conditions are generally poor, to bring a lot of difficulties in the beef cattle winter. Accordingly, improve protective measures in order to make better beef cattle through the winter.

Note grasp fat before winter, to ensure that beef safe for the winter, autumn must grasp autumn fat. Use lukewarm autumn, cattle appetite is good, should be good grazing grass. Cattle eat well, absorbing nutrients and more, you can save some fat, resist the cold, stay healthy.

Note barn barn insulation insulation can reduce heat loss cattle, therefore must take the barn repaired before winter, can not have wind invasion.

Note fed cow stomach volume, per head per day of crude material can not be less than 6 kg, forage and concentrate more should be diversified, not always fed one kind of feed.

Note beef shortage of drinking water metabolism and body temperature is regulated by water, because the water has better heat retention effect, in the drinking water sprinkle a handful of bran to prevent binge drinking and hurt water. If warm water to drink, more conducive to cow insulation miscarriage.

Be careful not extensive feeding straw feed stiff, must be crushed before feeding 3 to 4 cm is appropriate, be careful not to feed the entire root the easy way (using pellet machine), crushed straw utilization is high, with great difficulty eating beef the fat.

Note that cows must promptly when the feed is not fed beef, no law, could easily lead to digestive disorders. Cattle due to excessive hunger, overeating, eat some of the problems, caused by some diseases. It should be regular quantitative, maintain normal digestive state in favor of cattle increased fat gain strong.

Be careful not to feed moldy feed, feed, there are rich in nutrients, will be converted after the moldy toxic substances, causing cattle feed poisoning, sometimes after eating beef can cause a large number of deaths. So avoid feeding moldy feed, we must strengthen the feed storage management.