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Straw feed cooling and drying device configuration definition
 Straw feed particle machine because of extrusion particles, due to the higher temperature, moisture content is high, is not suitable for direct packaging and storage, need artificial drying or cooling configuration of feed drying equipment, cooling and drying equipment for straw particle machine configuration suitable, can improve the straw particle machine work efficiency, reduce processing costs straw particle machine, effectively reduce the artificial and particles of waste, however, because some enterprises started funding difficulties, limited space, in the allocation of cooling and drying equipment somewhat at a loss, do not know how to define the range of configurations, below we look at the straw feed cooling and drying device configuration.

For the purpose of straw particle machine configuration counterflow cooler is to reduce artificial waste, reduce the breakage rate of particles, the realization of continuous work, in general, as straw particle machine Nissan 2-3 tons, production time is 1-3 hours, can carry out artificial drying, generally their feeding more than sales, can artificial drying. Once more than the time and yield that will use and allocation of cooling and drying equipment.

Two drying artificial about the need to pay 3-4 yuan, small production cooling drying equipment is about 40000 yuan, but the artificial input require annual payment, and the cooling and drying device you can use the 4-12 years; rate of about 3-7% was crushed and drying particles, cooling and drying equipment working process of particle breakage rate is about 1-4%, so the particle breakage once the formation of numbers, that's not a small sum of expenses; the effect of artificial drying during rainy season working poor, because the air humidity is big, the drying time is long, the serious phenomenon of particle damp.

If your straw pellet machine production is high, still need to configure feed cooling and drying equipment. If you have this need, please contact our feed particle machine manufacturers, we will wholeheartedly for your service.