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How to Use Your Ring Die Effectively

How to Use Your Ring Die Effectively


For a feed pellet mill,core parts are ring die and the roller.In order to avoid unnecessary speding and wearing,this articles,we will show you how to use your ring die effectively,this is also necessary for you to know more about it.


Here are some points need to pay more attention,it can prolong your ring die lifetime and help you realize greatest production with the machine.


1.The ring die must be secured held by the die clamp at all times,or it won't make proper fit,also,can not running.

2.Never stiking the ring die with a hammer,or drop it on a hard surface.If is it necessary to use force to install the die,please use a plastic hammer.

3.Cleaning devices such as magnets,sclapers are vital to the ring die lifetime.Please clean and check them regularly to make sure that they are working normally.

4.The ring die clamp insert should be replaced if it was wrorn.When you mounting a new die on the pellet millcheck the die clampe with gauge.

5.Take care of the ring die similar to take care of the rifle bore.The ring die hole are carefully machined and highly polished.The surface must be preserved,so that it can produce pellets at a maximum capacity.


If you have any questions about how to use your ring die effetively,please feel free to contact us.