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7 Advantages of Strongwin grass pellet production line
 7 Advantages of Strongwin grass pellet production line are as follows:

♦The grass feed is a key factor for the development of cow,sheep.etc. The grass is not convenient to transport and easy to catch fire.Through the crushing and pelleting, the volume is more smaller than the raw material about 8-10 times and the pellet is good for storage As follows:
♦Convenient for storage(not go to bad in summer,fireproof,less nutrition loss.)
♦Commercialization for grass,the traditional bale grass hard to transportation. The grass pellet feed is convenient for transportation.
♦Good palatability because of the curing and dosing during the process.
♦Reduce the time of animal movement and the feeding time.
♦Improving the feed intake and the feed transforming rate
♦The grass material mix with the concentrate feed and other nutrition facts.Finally it is the complete pellet feed for animal.Pellet feed is the protection of the farm aggregation for the sheep and cattle.