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Matters breeding farms feed pellet machine installation should pay attention to things
Feed pellet machine bought from the manufacturers installation is essential. For the beginning of the use of feed granulator friends who feed machinery installation is a relatively difficult problem. Because feed granulator installation is reasonable relationship to feed the entire production process, as well as the quality of the feed. So feed the pellet mechanical disassembly must follow the instructions in principle, must not casually demolished, resulting in feed pellet machine, various kinds of mechanical failure. Friends mentioned, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the following seven feed machinery must bear in mind that the demolition process. Should understand the principles of demolished structures or parts of machines, to avoid demolition of the bad parts.

1, the surface should be removed before removing dirt and oil, demolition process should be kept clean.
2. When removing the right tool to use, not too hard pounding, so as not to damage or deformation of parts.
3. The need to be demolished, as little as demolition, demolition is not allowed to disassemble.
4. To assemble disassembly ready. In order to improve assembly efficiency and to ensure the correctness of assembly, disassembly should pay attention to the good and do remember to check mark.
5, according to a reasonable order of removal, typically by an attachment to the main pieces, from outside to inside, first split into machine assembly, and then split into parts by the assembly from components split into parts.
6, after the demolition of parts, should be based on material properties, the degree of precision parts classified storage.