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Feed processing equipment production of pellet feed and powder feed which better for sow
 Feed processing equipment and pellets and powder that is suitable sow, sow feed material type present there are three, powdery material, liquid feed and pellet feed. Powdered materials can be divided into coarse powder with a user (simple mix) and two commercial powder material. Liquid feed is a feed in the form of the rise of European countries over the past decade, the goal is to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve the welfare of sows; With the recent sharp rise in corn prices, since some customers realize the cost difference with the batch ingredients little case of a sharp increase in the demand for materials with granule, and therefore the feed mill developed in response to market changes. 

1, large sow feed intake than for powdered material pellet
The main reason behind this is the fact that the sow has developed teeth, flexible tongue and huge mouth, powdery material to stimulate their taste, smell makes the secretion of digestive juice than the head of a large particle quantity. Salivary amylase powder pellets for it more quickly than that. Therefore sow stronger appetite for powdered materials. In the wild state, sow food range is quite extensive, including root tubers, green feed, grain seeds, small animals, grain seeds mature hard, so food is not granular sow choice. Also, the pig snatch the habit of eating a lot of very serious consequences pellets: inadequately chewing stars expected in the digestive tract and remain for a long time, the head of the digestive secretion also leads to slow down the digestive tract motility. Especially in the perinatal period, loss of appetite and constipation sow appeared to become inevitable.

2, powdery material than the particles are more "fresh"
As we all know, the powdered material is not easy to preserve, in the north, summer stock time can not exceed 15 days, because after opening the package with the oxygen in the air contact area larger, more susceptible to oxidation; and particulate material is different, after extrusion and air contact area is reduced, and therefore can be placed longer. On-site application effect, within three days of production of powdered material advantage (the middle part of the less, the better for sows).