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Feed Pellets And Raw Material,which One Is Better For Animals?

Feed Pellets And Raw Material,which One Is Better For Animals?

Before,people used to feeding animals by raw material,grass,wheat,etc.Nowadays,feed pellets becoming more and more popular,and take place of the raw mateirals.Because feed pellets can easy to storage and transport,also,it can improve animal performance.


Animal feed pellets benifits


It can improve animal performance,decreases feed wastage,reduce diseases,easy to storage and transport,sasy to be digested,and more environment-friendly.Comparing with powder diet,pellets produced by feed pellet machine are uniforme in size and shape,easy to take for animals,for its high density,can decrease feed waste,during pelletizing process,because conditioning and heat,pellets will be more digestible,pellets do not contain dust,with less pollution.


You can do a experiment,two pigs,same amount pellets feed and mesh feed or raw material,one pig feeding pellets feed,the other feeding mesh feed,you can check the pig weight and their health day by day.Finally,you will find,pellets feed are more efficiently.


During pelletizing process,people prefer to add vitamins and so one,also,can keep pellets feed nutrition.By conditioning,high pressure,high temperature,it can kill salmonellas,so that can redce diseases.


Genarally speaking,pellets feed are better than raw material,and mesh feed.