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Choosing the most suitable fish feed pellets

 Choosing the most suitable fish feed pellets

For fisherman,fish feed cost accounts a large proportion of production.Nowadays,feed pellet has been widely used in fish farming.Only choosing right and high quality pellets,you can improve feed utilization rate,growth rate and immune system,and prevent diseases.So,for so many fisherman,have to know,what points should be concern when choosing suitable fish feed pellets.

1.nutrition content of fish feed

Fat,protein,carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals,these are essential nutrition requirements for fish.So,the pellets must contain these substances,so that it can meet nutrition requests.Some breeders think,the protein content of feed is high,so does the quality.Actually,this is incorrect,protein content is the factors we should care about,but,this is not the only one,also have the factors above.And these nutrition content should be balance and ideal,only ideal nutrition content feed are good for fish.Feed pellet raw material can be various grains,such as wheat,corn,bean,and so on,in pelletizing process,can add protein,fishmeal,minerals and other liquid nitrition,it can meet the fish nutrition requests.

2.feed pellet appearance

Good quality feed pellet with smooth surface,and its diameter are same.The size should be suitable,can not be too big or too small.Meanwhile,the length should be two times of diameter.

3.its stability in water

Because fish intake is very very slow,so the stability of pellet must keep the shepe for a long time in the water.When you buy fish feed pellet,you can take several for samples,put them in water to  feed.jpgfish  feed.jpg

4.the feed pellet manufactures

Large scale and goog reputation manufactures,their technology and formula,can ensure nutrition balance.So,when purchasing pellets,please choosing producer with good reputation.

5.pellet manufacture date

Same as we buying food,remember to check the manufacture date.If the pellets exceed its shelf life is very long,nutrition contents has been reduced,will have bad influence on fish.This also an important factors.

Hope every fish farmers can buy good pellets with Strongwin's suggestion.