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What feed pellets machine development potential?

Our country has great potential for the development of animal husbandry straw, feed pellet machine technical decisions strength! At present, agricultural straw corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, rape straw, peanut bluegrass, sweet potato vine and other yield more than 700 million tons per year (most were casually discarded or burned) in order to meet the development of non-grain type of animal husbandry provides solid material foundation. Widely straw bio-feed sources of raw materials such as corn stalks, soybean straw, rice straw, peanut seedlings (shell), sweet potato vine, clover, rape straw, etc., made ​​after the particles, high density, high capacity, conducive to the long-distance transport, to achieve a straw remote digestive utilization, make straw added, farmers' income, agricultural development and to protect the ecological environment.

Straw feed processing technology is the straw through the crushing, fermentation, granulation, and other technical measures to soften the lignin, crude protein, crude fiber, fat and other degradation into livestock easy to digest and absorb the material, fermentation and produce large amounts of bacterial protein, protein, amino acids, the average increase of 40.6% and 95.8%, arginine, cystine, histidine level were also greatly improved, increased sugar, fat content, and generate B, D, E and other vitamins after and growth factors, and other materials prepared by mixing the sake of feed, pressed into feed pellets, reducing food inputs, feed cost savings, increased revenue breeders.