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How to determine the size of feed particles
Chicken feed should not be too small, because the chicken eating broken grain or broken grain material, can be used with the thickness. Rice, broken rice can be directly added to the mixer grain, wheat, barley fineness of 2.5 mm below the appropriate, corn, brown rice and soybean meal should be processed into powder material. When the production of soft shell eggs need eggs calcium, the calcium feed particles ideal, that is, the limestone, shells and other grains into sorghum grain size, feed the last time in the evening feed again when the feed. As the calcium in the body stay in the chicken for a long time, is conducive to the absorption of chicken body use, so calcium effect.

Piglets feed with special pellets or pellets feed better, beans and other energy feed can be fried to feed, 25 kg of piglets can be fed to the general pig feed; more than 25 kg of pig feed smash fine Degree can be controlled within 2 mm. Feed the pig feed, crushing the more detailed the better.
Cattle, sheep, fine feed crushing fineness can be more than 2 mm, because cattle can ruminate, feed a little rough point is conducive to ruminant to improve the digestibility of feed. Aging cattle, sheep feed can be crushed to 1 mm or less, in order to facilitate digestion.
Feed crushing fineness in taking into account the types of livestock and poultry, but also take into account not to make rich in cereal grains such as corn, oat crushed too fine, storage time is too long, to avoid rancidity deterioration.