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Feather of Strongwin feed grinder machine
 Strongwin feed grinder machine features:

The feed grinder machine is also named hammer mill crusher,corn hammer mill etc.
It is a kind of machine used to crush the corn,grain,dry oilcake,It is multifunctional,also can crush the dry straw,grass,stalk,plastic,small tree branches,wood chips,etc

1.Application:Corn, sorghum, wheat straw, rice straw, potato vine, corn stalk, peanut vine, bean bar.
2,agricultural machinery
3,elctric Corn mill machine 
4, the final product can be used as animal food

feed grinder machine Feather:
1. high quality stick steel plate to keep it is in stable operation .
2. service a long lifetime running with its stable design .
3. easy to operation and easy to maintain.
4. high efficiency