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What the main purpose of dog food taking puffing manufacturing process?
1.Improve the palatability of dog food,dry dog food,after puffed become crisp,pet dogs in the process of bite and swallow,have good taste and mouth clean teeth effect;
2.Change and enhance the nutritional value of dog food,a lot of nutrients is needed after curing and expanded,then will become nutritious value,otherwise not only will not bring effective nutrition to pet dog,it will cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
3.Improve pet dogs to the dog food digestion and absorption rate,puffing dog food pet dogs to absorb more comprehensive and perfect,now there are even "double puffing” technology,purpose is to let the dog to be more perfect to all absorption of nutrients in dog food;
4.Through the expanded, granulating process,change the shape and structure of dog food,let the dog easier to eat dog food and eat more;
5.Change the dog food content of different nutrition levels,such as lowering the water can improve the shelf life of dog food,more convenient pet owner store and feeding anytime and anywhere,and safe, and convenient;
6.Change the density of dog food,extrusion granulation,puffing also can increase the density of dog food,to facilitate procurement and transportation;
7.Puffing process is also a process of high temperature and high pressure,can kill all kinds of mold, the harmful material such as salmonella,to improve the safety and health of dog food.