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Reasonable control of spare parts inventory

Control measures of process cost feed processing plant

Feed mills directly used in the production of damageable parts have ring moldpressure roller, hammer, sieving slice, hopper, belt, bearings, machine, sewing machine parts, gear, sprocket, etc. Factory director monthly maintenance costs should be analyzed, in order to strengthen the management of the whole process of repair parts procurement, focus on:
1, make the reasonable inventory of accessories, reduce the backlog of funds. 
2, establish accessories recipients and consumption record. 
3, determine the scope of the normal amount of standard. 
4, regular assessment and examination of the quality of parts provided by the vendor.

For example, the same compression ratio, the diameter of the same stainless steel ring die, though prices are much higher than the steel ring die, but the quality of the stainless steel ring die guarantee time, ring die service life, and wear resistance is incomparable by alloy steel ring die, use cost less than alloy steel ring die. Even if is a stainless steel ring die, quality is uneven between the various manufacturers.  In addition, we should pay attention to frequently changing film will severe influence on pressure membrane using time limit and yield.