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Straw pellet machine unit maintenance personnel the basic principles
 The basic principles of straw pellet machine unit maintenance personnel

1, Before boot scraper mixer after all the equipment is prohibited except with the special circumstances required by the load starts with a squad consent. 
2, in strict accordance with all the equipment required to switch the order of the process requirements. 
3, all the equipment required to stand before the shutdown within the material after emptying. 
4, all equipment shall operate at rated load is prohibited overworked. 
5, process equipment operation should always check the transmission parts are flexible loose fasteners unusual equipment such as bearing temperature is too high vibration phenomena such as increased abnormal noise should be shut down to find the reasons behind the failure to exclude the boot. 
6, the gear box and other lubricating mechanism lubricants should always check the oil level and oil level found below the standard leakage should be resolved and added lubricating oil lubricating oil is generally the subject of an add / 2-2 / 3. 
7, one month after the general operation of the new machine should replace the lubricant should be replaced after six months lubricants running. 
8, the grease should be added after the removal of the grease of the original first adding fresh grease. General dosage within the bearing seat empty 1 / 2-3 / 4 high speed air bearing can only add the 1 / 2-2 / 3 as mill bearings at low speed can generally be filled as mixer bearings.