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Excellent animal feed pellet production line
Brief Introduction 
This animal feed pellet production line can make the biomass material into feed pellet. The whole line includes crushing, drying,mixing,pelletizing,cooling and packing system.
Detailed Introduction
1-Crushing part: there is one set Hammer Mill added here. As the material dimension is an important factors for the line to produce pellets. And the best material dimension for supporting to produce pellets are 1-5mm. Thus, if your material dimenion exceed 5mm, then we recommend one set grinding machine for your using. After the material is grinded into fine powder what is 1-5mm. Then the fine powder will be conved by the Conveyor to the next step-Dyring part
2-Drying Part: there is one set Dryer machine addded here. As we know, material moisture is an important factor for the line to produce pellets.The best moisture content of the material is 15-18%. Thus, if your material moisture content exceed 18%, then we recommend one set Dryer for your using. After the material dryed, then the already material will be conveyed to the next step-
3- Mixing Part: to make feed pellets, different customer has different formula, so you need the mixer machine to mix the raw material and formula, then to make pellets. 
3-Pelletizing part:Ring die pellet machine is suitable for large scale wood pellet line, and has reliable running performance.After the final wood pellets come out from the pellet machine, then they will be entered into the next step-Cooling part
4-Cooling part:there is one set Cooler is added here. Cooler have the function of cooling pellets, reducing pellets moisture and screening pure pellets. After the pellets come out from the Cooler, then you can put the pellets into store, or packed them for selling directly.After that,then the pellets will be host to the next part-Packing part
5-Packing Part:This part is added based on customer's reqeust. If customer don't need it,then we don't add the packing part here. Meanwhile, it can save cost for you.