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The reason for ring die pellet machine big noise when working
 1.Ring die pellet machine equipment material transport is not stable, should adjust the feeding speed.
2.Ring die pellet machine equipment deflection iron cause feeding non-uniformity, should replace the new scraper.
3.Pellet machine ring die and roller pressure between old and new collocation, best new ring die to match the new roller.
4.The reason of the roller ring die pellet machine,old and new common use or roller press roll wear and damage.
5.Ring die and the clearance between roller and production material is not harmonious, adjust the roll gap.
6.Ring die pellet machine equipment used in the recipe is harder granulating, appropriate adjustment formula.
7.Steam not enough supply or pressure changes sometimes,check the steam pipe line and the system pressure and the pressure reducing valve is normal or not.
8.Granulating chamber into a sundry, remove clutter in granulating storehouse.
9.The spindle bearing wear or damage, need to replace the bearing.