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Feed Pellet Machinery
Feed pellet machine available dry mixed powder or straw,toppings directly pelleting (no need to add water or steam) of pellet feed machine,finished pellet without cooling and drying the moisture content can achieve stable storage standard,the machine design is advanced,convenient adjustment,particularly suitable for small and medium-sized farms,farmers or small feed mills to use,Is the feed processing industry ideal granulating equipment in our country.

The machine has the following features:

1.The mounting ring die is convenient, adjusting roller is simple, low noise.
2.Roller pressure, ring die adopt high quality alloy steel, after the special craft processing, high quality, long life, good effect.
3.The particle high hardness, particle size adjustable, particle diameter of 1.5 to 12 mm.
4.The required power 22 kw, production capacity of 800-1000 kg/h.