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Complete sets of feed processing equipment
 Device main usage:

Feed processing equipment is used for processing of livestock and poultry, aquaculture and the powder or pellet feed.

Processing capability:

There are more than 30 types of feed processing machinery,the production capacity is 2.5 ~ 50 tons per hour,annual output of a single class of 5000 ~ 100000 tons.

Main features:

--Structure has the overall steel frame type and floor type two kinds.The overall steel frame type layout is compact, aesthetically pleasing style;floor type operation and maintenance is convenient.
--Small and medium-sized complete feed unit using artificial measuring ingredients, beautiful shape, small equipment investment, economic and practical.Very suitable for medium-sized pig farms.
--Large and medium-sized complete feed equipment using computer automatic measuring ingredients, the ingredients good precision, high degree of mechanization and automation.
--Company Design with domestic and international development trends.