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Oil Cakes Feed Pelletizing Machine
 Oil cake introduction

Oil cakes,also known as oil meal, refer to the residue of oil seeds whose greater part-vegetable oil is extracted or expelled. The pressed oil cake has wide application such as for animal feed, crop and plant fertilizer and food additives. Oil cakes are rich in fat and protein: Fats and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy, while proteins and minerals are for tissue building and replenishment; thus oil cake pellets are ideal feed for animal growing.


How to process oil cakes to feed pellets

Oil cakes pelletizing process is similar to grain crops feed pellets production.The major steps includes oil cakes crushing, mixing, pelletizing and cooling, packing.Based on your special requirement and budget,   ring die feed pellet mill are both available.The high temperature during feed pelletizing process can kill some toxic substances and make oil cake pellets assured and nutritional feed.


Turn oil cakes to valuable feed? Worth your investment

As animal feed needs sound nutrition,oil cakes are perfect supplement to diversify feed sources and offer more balanced food formula. 
--Oil seeds after pressed from oil extracting machine still preserve a certain oil ration and can be processed for animal feed additives because of the content of oil,fat protein and microelements that body needs.
--Oil cakes are cheap and easy to get from local vegetable oil plants, mills; thus your raising cost can be lowered about 25-35%.
--Mixed with other grain food, form scientific animal feed in favor of high yield and healthy animal products.