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The difference between feed extrusion machine and food extrusion machine
 Feed extrusion machine and food extrusion machine the most basic difference are the screw length diameter ratio and the setting of inside knead shear components.People eat puffed food cultured is crisp taste,no one to eat puffed food is for the sake of nutrition,food expanding is mainly depend on the high concentration of starch grain material,this kind of material is easy to cure,so extruder the screw length diameter ratio is short,inside knead shear components is weak.

The animals feed is for the animal weight,even that also requires to maintain growth need protein and energy for pets and fish,so the formula contains a certain amount of protein, fat, starch class components,to put the cooked, need more energy,so extruder the screw length diameter ratio is long,inside knead shear components is strong.

So,using feed puffing machine for production of starch based puffed food is little waste,whereas in this kind of food extrusion machine for the production of feed,do not practice or yield is low.