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How to make feed pellet formation better
1.Material crushing fineness in general,the fine raw material grinding,In the process of tempere The easier starch gelatinization,The stronger the bonding effect in granular material,grain is not easily broken,the greater the hardness,in the real production,According to the production performance of different animals and small pellets tools and the size of the aperture, crushing granularity requires the appropriate adjustments.

2.Small pellets machine mold and press roller to choose the appropriate compression ratio,can produce appropriate particles.adjusting the position of the cutter,keep proper length of particles,Can keep the hardness of particles are basically identical.Ordinary small pellets machine mould steel and stainless steel mold production of grain has significant difference.

3.Material requirements of raw material mix can improve the uniformity of various particle size composition,to keep grain hardness are basically identical,improve the quality of production,feed blender water process or a are actively explore the problem,in the hard pellet feed production,adding 1% - 2% of the water in a blender,to improve the feed pellet stability and hardness.High moisture materials particles after molding,low hardness,wet and soft,good palatability,to improve livestock production performance,When adding 3% to 4% of oil can significantly reduce the hardness of small particle machine particle feed.