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How to Increase the Pellet Feed Machine Production
 How to Increase the Pellet Feed Machine Production


First of all,the improper selection pellet feed machine will affect production. with economic,practical,covers an area of less,easy to operate,flexible moving,installation,maintenance is convenient,Is suitable for small and medium-sized producers,but low yield,template short service life of roller,Suitable for full price with lower content of material pellet feed pressing.

Second, the poor quality of the mould, make the mechanical grinding does not reach the designated position, mold maintenance is not timely.Mould is the heart of the feed pellet machine,the quality of mould is will influence the production,so it is critical to pellet machine,feed pellet machine.Must use the original moulds or meet quality standards, in terms of material and hardness, compression ratio with strict requirements. Before use, with bran, the fine sand, oil press certain proportion mixing, the mold in a reasonable manner, patience, careful, good grinding, grinding after 30 minutes to an hour without downtime can continual production directly.

Again, the clearance between the ring die and roller can't be too big or too small. Too big, low yield, particle density difference; Is too small, mechanical grinding loss, shorten the service life of the mould.

Finally, in use, adding some oil into raw material ,also can effectively increase production, reduce the die wear and tear. After the production, use a small amount of bran batch cooking oil and then squeeze a minute or two, make oil full of die hole, in order to make the next work boot can continual production. Do both maintenance mould, reduce energy consumption, and can increase production.