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Usage of Ring Die Pellet Machine
 Ring die pellet machine can make pellets surface more smooth and solid than flat die pellet machine because it is equipped with inner oil spraying device .And the output of ring die pellet machine is larger than flat die pellet machine in terms of ring die pellet machine is widely used in granulation industry .

If you intent to use hard raw materials to granulating ,we recommend you flat die pellet mill because different raw materials requires different pressure,flat die pellet mill is more suitable for hard raw materials to granulating.

If the output is larger,we recommed you to choose ring die pellet machine which is more suitable for mass production compared with flat die pellet mill .

In general,the price of ring die pellet machine is much higher than flat die pellet mill in the same yield ,so if you want to use to invest lower ,flat die pellet mill is a good choice for you.