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The functions of nutrients in feed
1.The nutrients in feed are the material structure of animal body,which is also every cell material in animal tissues, such as bones, muscles, skin, connective tissue, teeth, claws, horns, feathers and other organs. Therefore, nutrients in animal feed is essential to life and to maintain the normal production process material.


2.The nutrients in animal feed is the survival and development energy sources. In the process of animal production and survival,including the maintenance of body temperature, free activities, the required energy are derived from the feeding of nutrients in feed. Fat, carbohydrate and protein can provide energy for the animal, carbohydrates provide the can most economic, not only the best form for fat, or animal body energy storage.


3.Feed nutrients is the main regulate the animal organism normal activity material, which contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins in certain fatty acids, animal acids,and it can provide a regulatory role.