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Advantages of Flat Die Pellet Mill
 Pellet mill is the efficient pelletizing device which is widely employed in pellet production line.It can be divided into two types by die mould design:flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill.In small and medium sized production,the former is superior to the latter based on its unique merits of easy operation,low consumption,competitive price.Compared with ring die pellet machine in different aspects,flat die pellet mill own the following outstanding superiority.


1. Even feeding way

2. Changeable pressure

3. Low breakage discharging way

4. Greater mobility


Flat die pellet mill is characterized by low energy consumption, good efficiency and competitive price and gets more and more popular in the market.It is worthy investment for small scale family workshop.We are expert in design and manufacturing pelletizing solution and supply variety of models of flat die pellet mills driven by diesel or electricity engine.If you are interested in mobile flat die pellet mills,we are glad to offer you the most suitable machine according to your special demands!