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Ring-die Pellet Mill
 ♦ The feed pellet mill is the SPB model dual motor drive system with a strong narrow line with an idea transmission efficiency,smooth rotation,high output,low noise,no oil pollution,lower maintenance cost.


♦ The 1.5-12mm models equipped with a wide range of pore size and thickness between the ring mode,In order to get the best technical and economic benefits,the user can choose any one according to their own needs.


♦ Fixed stainless steel knife pelletizing device,adjusting the more intuitive,faster dump have hoop-ring mold,can be linked with regulation of body-type roller and ring mold lifting devices.


♦ Inverter control of the models used for feed,with overload protection devices,nesting outside agencies.


♦ Bar lubrication oil pump devices,saving quick,safe,reliable,and can achieve non-stop refueling aircraft.


♦ For high quality livestock and poultry,aquatic products and other materials in feed pelleting.