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How to choose a better poultry feed pellet mill machine
1. Security check. Large and medium-sized ring die feed pellet mill to prevent foreign body into the machine caused by damage to the machine, set up a safety on the spindle. When a foreign body into the ring mold, the spindle resistance will increase dramatically, so that the safety link with the spindle interlocking safety bolt break. At this time, the convex edge of the actuator will immediately touch the fork of a trip switch, cut off the spindle motor power, so as to protect the feed pellet machine from damage. Therefore, the purchase of ring mold pellet feed machine must carefully check the spindle safety connector convex side is able to effectively touch the stroke switch fork, if not dial or not in place, you can not guarantee the trip switch effectively Work, the user can not buy; pellet feed machine ring mold in the suppression of pellet feed is a rotating parts. In order to prevent the ring mold in the operation of the accidental injury operator, and some ring mode pellet feed machine in the compression chamber door is also installed with a spindle motor power in series with the trip switch, only in the ring mold chamber door has been closed , The spindle motor power is turned on. The check method of this trip switch is the same as that of the safety interlock. The powder feed inlet of the pellet feed machine must be equipped with a safety magnet and checked with its physical function. Whether the various types of pellet feeders are used Transmission, the transmission parts such as: pulley, drive shaft, flange, etc., must be equipped with a special effective protective cover. This protective cover requires a strong installation and is effective in protecting the safety of the operator.

2. Test check. Before the test, first check the gear box and the lubrication of the lubrication point of the machine. The rotation of the spindle motor to the maximum position, through the instantaneous power supply method to check whether the direction of rotation of the spindle motor and the machine marked with the direction of rotation of the spindle, if the contrary, you must immediately shut down to re-connect the power supply. Start the test must be ready to stop at any time to prepare, the first boot test time can not be too long, to confirm the machine no abnormal situation after the machine into a continuous operation. Particle feed machine should not have irregular vibration when the idling, the impact of the gear and feeding the wheel and the stirring shaft of the rubbing. After the no-load test of the pellet feed machine is normal, the load test run can be carried out. In the powder feed into the cage to add powder, observe the spindle motor current readings, so that the machine under moderate load test.

3. Finished product inspection. Particle feed should be smooth surface, tidy, can not have cracks. Have a certain surface hardness, it is difficult to crush the hand, while the finished product specifications should be uniform and uniform. The yield of finished product of pellet feed should not be less than 95%.

4. Purchase the applicable template. Purchase template first of all to pay attention to whether the template dimensions meet the requirements of the relevant technical specifications, with or without manufacturing defects. The surface of the installation of the sealing surface must have a certain degree of finish. The template must be heat treated, which can be seen from the surface color of the template. Mold hole in the template should be distributed evenly, there is a certain arrangement of the law and symmetry, the same template on the template hole must be the size of the same, no edge edge of the burr. The hole in the hole should have a certain degree of taper, the hole should have a better finish, the outer hole should be neatly arranged, do not buy a blind hole, and hole defect template.

5. In the purchase of poultry feed pellet mill machine. At the same time, you must also purchase the appropriate equipment. So the user should be to the factory technical staff to prepare to prepare the suppression of the main varieties of grain feed and the main purpose, and then by the two sides to determine the type of equipment and the number of matching.