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Pellet feed quality inspection

Pellet feed quality inspection

The main content of pellet feed quality inspection including:formting rate,pulverization rate,(durability),hardness,water stability(aquatic feed have this requirement).In addition,pellet feed should have uniform length,with less powder,surface color and luster is consistent.

a.formating rate
It means the proportion between pellet amount and total amount.It's the index to measure comprehensive performamce is good or bad,such as feed formula,conditioning,powder material size,ring die feature and so on.Use screening sieve that 0.8 times of pellet diameter mesh side length,genarally,formating rate should be above 95%,if can not reach this indicator,must find out the reason and improve it.

b.pulverization rate(durability)
It represents the ability that it can keep don't be broken during the various processing and handling.Use the pulverization rate meter for measuring(that is spin box method),put 500g screened qualified pellets in the box,rotary for 10 minutes at a speed 50 revolutions per minute,and then pour our the samples to sift and stacked,qualified pellets powder content should be less than 5%.

It means the pellets can not be broker under heavy duty.Generally,smaller pellets can not be broken easily,so less than 3mm pellets do not need to make hardness measurement.
d.stability in water
It means pellet dissolve time in the water.Different aqua feed pellet,different stability,you can increase water stability by conditioner quantity,binder,pre-ripening or post-ripening, ripening and keep longer ripen time effect is much more efficient.