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Flat plate drive mechanism of pellet making machine-Henan Strongwin
 The main advantage of flat plate pellet making machine

1, dry into the dry, no drying (raw water moisture content of not less than the national export volume of 13%). The use of differential, universal joint drive, with motor or diesel engine. Low energy consumption, high output, easy operation.
2, the use of extrusion granulation, polishing new technology, completely solve the traditional granulation process organic raw materials to add low (about 30%), granulation difficult, raw materials need to dry crushing treatment and other key technical problems. Reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, low energy consumption, high yield.
3, the particles are uniform, smooth, round, high strength, good mobility.
4, the use of a unique three-in-one machine to complete a low-temperature drying, cooling, screening the entire process, equipment investment, low operating costs. Survival rate of microbial bacteria> 90%.
5, flat plate pellet making machine is widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture, large and small breeding plants, feed mill and brewing.