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Two kinds of fish feed extruder for your choice
 We can supply two kinds of fish feed extruder,DGP series Dry Extruder and DSP series Wet Extruder.

DGP series Dry Fish Feed Extruder
♦ The international advanced pelletizing structure, soft knife bonded form, stepless, the material can be cut to the desired length product, and is not prone to glitches.
♦ Design novel, unique, simple structure, easy to install and easy to dismantle and easy to unload, easy to operate.

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DSP series Wet Fish Feed Extruder
♦The alloy steel screw and nut made of special wear-resistant high-temperature, heat-treated molding, has the advantage of wear resistance and long life.
♦Wet type modulation steam more convenient and accurate, the raw material more uniform softening, aging.

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