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Analysis of Feed Grain Production Machine
 Feed pellet from raw material to the pellet need to experience a series of process, which involves a lot of section, and many section need to use a lot of feed machinery. Such as mixed section need to use mixer, and the granulating section of pelletizer is play an important role.

1.Finished goods inspection sieve--powder cleaning;

2. Waiting pelleting bin+feed surge bin;

3.Feeder(Single and double spiral,Full or half pitch,frequency control);

4.conditioner(Low speed 125 r/min, high speed 125-500r/min)(also have frequency conversion and speed control application);single-shaf, twin shaft,(Jacket insulation type,a hot type);

5.pellet machine
Ring die(compression ratio:1:5-22)
Ring die quality largely determine the costs of grain quality and granulating;

6.Cooler Grain left pelletizer temperature above 80 ℃,moisture content 14-18%,For ease storage must be dry cooling,Generally need to be cooled to no higher than room temperature 5℃.(Depending on the effective cooling time and air volume etc).

7.crusher: use for Production of broken particles, and is commonly used in poultry and shoot fish material;

8.classifying screen:Screening out the powder and big noise in cooling finished product(According to the screen mesh size reasonable equipped with specifications,choose three layer screen device,large production,screening effect is good).