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How to choose animal feed pellet maker machine?
 Henan Strongwin is engaged in research and development and production of feed machinery. Our engineers have a wealth of experience about feed pellet maker machine.

How to choose feed pellet machine

1. Appearance Quality. feed pellet machine chassis surface of the spray paint should be uniform and solid, can not have leakage paint, sagging and shedding. Chromium plating should be a solid, polished surface bright, no loss and corrosion. Stainless steel parts should be smooth surface, no bumps and should be processed with a neat polished pattern.
 2. In addition to check the body and chassis, motor (or diesel engine) and the chassis of the fastening situation, the flat die pellet machine mainly check the template lock nut and particle cutter assembly quality, the ring die feed pellet mill main check template Of the fastening bolts are tightened. And check the pressure wheel support and pressure roller fastening.
3. The gap between the mold and the roll wall is adjusted. Between the pressure roller and the inner ring mold ring between the two layers of paper, a little harder to pull out. Adjust the nut must be tightened in time after the adjustment, installed guard. After confirming that there is no foreign matter in the shield and the ring mold, turn the ring mold by hand, then the spindle to be driven should rotate lightly without jamming and rubbing.
4. Direct observation of the ring in the rotation of the phenomenon of whether the beating, whether the collision occurs with other parts. Open the powder feeding cage observation hole, check the cage with or without foreign body. Hand twist cage rotation axis, twist the cage shaft should be smooth, no rubbing noise.
5. Repeated switch ring mould pressing warehouse door, check whether it is convenient to switch, closed tightly. Particular attention should be paid to the checking of the sealing and locking reliability of the ring mold pressing chamber and the powder feeding twist cage. General requirements are: in place of accurate, locked firmly, do not leak powder. After locking the compartments door, observe the joint seal of the compartment door from the side. In case of lax place, can adjust the hinge of the fixed hinge of the door to prevent the leakage of powder.