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Feed pellet machine-several factors decide die performance and lifespan
  several factors decide die performance and lifespan:


1.Abrasion resistance:The most pressing mould of the damage was due to abrasion.Using moulding-die cause surface wear and die hole enlargement.Die wear resistance with its surface hardness, microstructure and chemical composition changes.To die to get the best wear resistance,is the key to the choice of materials and heat treatment method.
2.Corrosion resistance:Some feed ingredients and additives can cause pitting under high temperature and high pressure,thus corrosion die materials.
3.Therefore,the corrosion is the most critical factors that impact molding performance,must be controlled.High chromium and carbon pressure mould has the best corrosion resistance.
4.Toughness:The granulating process medium voltage mode under great pressure,this pressure can cause instant damage for die:over work time can cause die fatigue damage.Hence,The choice of die material and heat treatment method and how many die is important factor of pressing mould toughness.